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A Touch of Distinction

Carved Signs by Brand It Signs

Simple, timeless, professional, yet personal: carved signs are the perfect marriage of technology and old-world craftsmanship. Many consider carved signs works of art and their aesthetic appeal is due in part to the warm welcome they evoke. Brand It Signs beautifully carved signs can be used for decoratively identifying restaurants, flower shops, bed & breakfasts, pubs, golf clubs, and virtually any type of business that wants you to spend some time enjoying their offerings.

So…exactly what is a carved sign? For one thing, they’re durable, so they can be used in a wide variety of ways. They’re employed as hanging sings to designate a location for pedestrians. They’re often used as decorative storefront signs. You’ll find them along outdoor pathways as well as office buildings, offering directions and other pertinent information.

They can be constructed of both natural and synthetic materials, based on your particular application. Natural materials are most often sought after by those wanting to instill a depth of character and artistic appeal, while synthetic materials are much more malleable, making them suited for more intricate shape-intense designs. Both types are extremely eye-catching and impressive in their presentation.

Brand It Signs offers carved signs in woods that are resistant to pests, rot, and the elements. The synthetic materials we use are naturally waterproof and very long-lasting. The nature of these materials enables our craftsmen to carve them into extremely uniform shapes. They can be made to look like natural wood signs or we can create a more contemporary appearance.

You’ll be amazed at the wide variety of customization that’s available with a carved sign. From painting to gold leaf applications, sandblasting and 3-D lettering, we can create a truly unique sign for most any need. And we can add just the right lighting to make sure you get all the attention you want, day and night!

Carved Signs: It Starts With an Idea…

At Brand It Signs, Every new creation begins with a mental image;  an idea, an inspiration that won’t relent. Oftentimes, an idea is presented to us by a business owner. Other times, we are asked to come up with something from scratch.  Many businesses want to incorporate their logo into their signage, and the professionals at Bald have the talent and experience to oblige. 

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor business sign in Boardman, Ohio, directional signs in Wilmington, Delaware, a beautifully carved entrance sign in New Castle, Pennsylvania, or most anything you can envision wherever you’re located, the professionals at Brand It Signs are in the business of building better brands for you.

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